IT Club

DRMC IT Club goes all the way back to 2017. Started in June 2017, this club was formed to create a knowledge hub for enthusiastic techies and to help students get access to resources to dig deeper into the world of technology. Although it is quite evident that they worked hard to bring thorough change for the DRMC community as well as for the best of students, let’s look at some of their achievements in the roughly 5 eventful years that they have been active.

Achievements of DRMC IT Club in 2017

In 2017, the founding members of DRMC IT Club became champions in an event organized by Islamic University of Technology, called Project Showcasing They developed and realized an unique form of AI called augmented reality which transformed B/W pictures into colourful ones. This was eye catching for the young members of their club and acted as an active source of inspiration for them to come forward and work. Later that year, they also organized a grand event called ‘’Laptop For All’’, which gave their community to educate themselves on their privileges and inspired them to use those to the fullest. After that, the club organized an event with G-Odyssey on Robotics and Drone Technology. Students who spent their lives only reading about this got a life changing experience from this technical workshop and got the opportunity to learn about basic robotics and drone tech technically. For those passionate about graphics designing, web development, AR/VR development and app & game development, IT project development. DRMC IT Club offered a chance to gain international standard learning opportunities where every student would get real exposure to global projects and gain real-world experience. They helped to contribute towards a society where everyone gets the opportunity to showcase their talents and learn from a new perspective. In the last days of 2017, the club got a stall for its students at a mega ICT event called Digital World 2017 at BICC. They helped new students of the club implement any software or hardware ideas to showcase in the event. Investors, CEO’s & visitors from different countries were present at the expo to support their ideas! This not only gave students with potential a platform to contextualize their ideas but also acknowledgment from around the world. Notations and mentions of their work in the Kaler Kantho newspaper feature a piece of the success of the founding members.

Achievements of DRMC IT Club in 2019

Tech Shohor featuring an article on the Human Detectable Car Project of DRMC IT Club members. DRMC International Tech Carnival was a huge open-for-all event organized by the club and had segments covering a wide-ranging variety like cosplay, programming contest such as coderacing, website displaying contest, digital art display and illustration contest, photography contest, recorded speaking contest on tech topics contest, team quiz on tech, robot soccer, Line following robot (LFR) , multimedia presentation on tech contest, idea pitching on tech contest, extempore speech contest on tech based topics, public speaking on new tech innovations contest, drone race and live website creating contest. With a prizepool of thousands.This caught the eye of many students in and outside DRMC. This gave the most average and enthusiastic student from any institution in Dhaka an effective chance to thrive and win. The major event had seminars and side by side contests. A total of three enlightening seminars were taken on NASA and knowing our opportunities as students and young learners. Three outstanding and at the top of ladder speakers with great achievements came to speak at these workshops. Even if contestants couldn't secure prizes or wins in the event, they received crucial words of wisdom in seminars that they will have forever.

In this event DRMC IT Club took an initiative to bring out the underlying and hidden talents of the youth throughout Dhaka and reaped benefits for all.

Achievements of DRMC IT Club in 2020

Regarding DRMCITC 2019 our honorable Chief Guest, Mr Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP, Honorable State Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, had to say these kind words. Similar to the one held in 2019, DRMC IT Club held another mega event with similar segments and contests. The aim was to create a platform where students can compete with their peers in using their inquisitive skills. This event was easily a week of bliss for those who had potential in almost any field of technology because the topics were very diverse and inclusive of people’s interests and talents. Different web portals featured the new executives of DRMC IT Club with the new far-reaching impact of the club.

Achievements of DRMC IT Club in 2021

Following a break due to the pandemic, the unstoppable club came back with Virtual National Tech Carnival 2021. Covering segments on programming, tech review, PPT presentations, web design, IT Olympiad, Meme Contest, IT project and illustrations. At a time of distress and uncertainty for the passionate youth, this event can give them a new perspective and an online escape from the dreadful reality IN THE MOST PRODUCTIVE WAY. The event can help people gain a new perspective as well as hone their existing skills in technology.

In the same year they launched a programming event “Progenius Cazar” in co-operation with Interactive Cares. It was targeting the programming community among the teenagers and to inspire them about programming. Prizepool worth 60000 BDT was given for appreciation.

How can their work contribute to people’s careers?

  1. In the current world, it is absolutely impossible to be successful without having a dominant hand in tech-related work, so we should use everything DRMC IT Club has to offer us for a requisite bright future.
  2. Their work not only gives eager learners a learning platform, it gives them the basic practice field where they can explore tech options with the club. This helps tech-savvy students in the long run as they get a strong idea of what they are most skilled in.
  3. There is an abundance of tech-savvy and enthusiastic students in the country, they all have potential. Some of them have used their potential to the fullest and some are struggling since they don’t have the correct resources. This club made these high-tech resources accessible to the students of DRMC, this solves the problem for so many people.
  4. A huge number of highly skilled or semi-skilled tech learners are scattered throughout our country. DRMC IT Club facilitated the network between these people. Networking is a crucial determinant in people’s careers and lives. This not only helps DRMC students with potential but also others of such calibers.
  5. The work of DRMC IT Club doesn’t just end with their useful workshops or events or seminars or contests, the cycle goes on. An individual can learn and take inspiration from their peers in the club to move forward with their goals in the tech field. People never shy away from helping one another in this circuit.
  6. We are no stranger to the fact that IT skills are sought after and that every hiring business or corporation looks for people with these skills, these are high paying jobs. For a graduate with high potential from a middle-class family, the skills that this club helps them develop will serve them in their career by landing them such jobs.
  7. DRMC IT Club urges students to push themselves to the next limit, this ultimately helps them realize their true potential. This habit is a must for a successful career. This process has unlocked countless skills among the youth. Such skills not only make a person’s resume strong but also their work ethic.