Photography Club


DRMC Photography Club


The DRMC Photography Club is one of the most prestigious and prosperous clubs of DRMC. Due to the club’s glory and successful festivals over the years, it has become a significant outlet of creativity for students all over the country.


Since its birth in 2014 as ‘DRMC Art and Photography Club’, the dedicated executives and the panel members, along with volunteers, have shown excellent dedication. The hard-working club members helped the club expose photography and amuse with the innovative talents of both pro and newbie photographers.


DRMCPC arranged its first festival in 2014. The fest was a huge success, and thus the club made a vast reputation among the other prestigious clubs. Holding the legacy over the years, DRMCPC has become an inspiration for individuals who desire to make a difference by capturing a moment in the guise of photographs.


The 2018 ‘Art and Music Festival’ was a banger as it had a significant impact on the club’s reputation. The mass participation of students and public response made the festival a legit hit. Furthermore, DRMCPC launched events like photography exhibitions and other photography programs that were conducted smoothly, and for that, the club gained its prominence and notoriety.


The DRMCPC’s goal is to organize national events and create a platform for future generation photographers. Along with photography exhibitions, wall magazines, craft workshops, and other auxiliary events are mentionable.


The club aims to establish a network between professional and amateur photographers. Keeping that in mind, the club arranged a virtual mega fest and some glorious events over time. Professional photographers like Arif Amin ,Ehasnul Siddiq Aranya, Hasan Saifuddin Chandan Saha and Mishuk Ashraful Awal were present during the virtual mega fest.


DRMC photography club provides the opportunity to students to enhance and develop their skills in photography. The club has won the hearts of many students, and now it has become a platform where students can explore and showcase their photography talents.


Virtual National Mega Festival -2021